Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'll start getting paid. Not soon enough for my taste, of course. But starting September 1st, I'll be getting money for all the work I'm doing. I don't know why it couldn't have been sooner as I've been doing the job all this time and not in training anymore. And especially the past couple of weeks, since everyone was in LA, there was no one to do the job but me. There were only 3 people in the office most of the time, although the 3rd person was gone for Thursday and Friday and then there were only 2 of us. I have no idea how much I'll be making or how often I'll get paid or anything. I'll probably have to wait until the CEO gets back from LA as she's going to be there until the 27th, whereas most people will be back next week.

I wanted to go to LA to visit R, but the air travel arrangements were supposed to be made by C's mom, who tends to put things off. It could be that she waits too long to do it and I won't end up going. But obviously, my twin sis R lives there, along with her family and I'd like to see them. Plus, on top of that, my friends S and D will be there visiting from England and I'd like to see them as well. I just hope the trip ends up happening. But C's mom was going to pay for it out of her air miles, and there's only a few seats the airline uses for those reward tickets, so they may be booked up already...and she wants to WAIT until the beginning of September to do it. Crazy. I wish I'd be getting paid sooner so that maybe I could pay for my own ticket, but no such luck. I'll be lucky to pay my bills as there's just not enough time to save up for a plane fare if I'm not getting paid until September and I'd planned on leaving on Sept. 26. Ugh. I hate waiting on other people to do things for me. I wish I could just do it all myself. : (