Monday, February 22, 2010

Noisy Neighbors

They don't do the loud stereo thing because I complained over and over again, but they find new ways of being noisy all the time. Our apartment is downstairs and the upstairs neighbors are up until at LEAST midnight every night. They make a lot of noise getting ready for bed, if that is indeed what they're doing. It takes them 3 hours to do it, so I'm doubtful. They slam cabinets and doors, go out on the balcony (the sliding door is LOUD, and it sounds like thunder or else like MY sliding door is opening--very unnerving), plus they stomp when they walk. They even have a little toddler, who is very noisy when she runs around in the apartment, and they don't even put her to bed until around 11 or later (who lets a toddler stay up until 11?). The next door neighbors are just as bad. They fight constantly, which means slamming doors and yelling constantly. I've complained about them NUMEROUS times, and it never seems to do anything because they'll just do it again the next day. Either they're dumber than a bag of rocks or they're just really huge assholes. I'm inclined to think they're assholes, because really, I just assume everyone is an asshole until I learn otherwise, because it makes life easier. I can never relax in this place and I'm not getting enough sleep, which is impacting my health. I always try to go to bed at 10. Always have. But I can't even attempt to go to sleep until midnight because I know the neighbors will keep me up anyway. Then, to top it off, they wake up at 6 and don't even leave for work or whatever until 10, so I can't sleep in. I hate this place and everyone in it, and if I really thought about it, suicide would seem the perfect answer to this whole mess. I'm miserable and I'm making everyone around me miserable. If I didn't have to take care of my dog, I probably wouldn't be here typing this. Nothing else is keeping me here. I hate my life. This disability thing seems like it's too little too late, or else it's just going to make a whole host of new problems rather than helping. I want to buy a house and get out of this whole apartment thing. No way I can do that on $700 a month. And really, how is it fair to base the disability payments on how much I've worked. Duh. I haven't worked. I'm disabled. I can't work. People are idiots. I wish I could just get out of here, but I'm stuck in this horrible place and I'll probably never know what it's like to be happy and I'll just be in this position forever and ever. How can I plan for retirement on $700 a month? I'm almost 40. I can't stand this.