Thursday, April 21, 2011

My uncle

Was able to see my uncle twice in the past few weeks. I wish it could have been more, but the gas to Houston is horrendous and we're soooooo broke right now. He looks like the cancer patient he is and very, very thin. He hardly has any energy even to talk, but he was very touched that we visited him, esp. since I hadn't seen him in a long time. I feel so guilty that I haven't seen more of him. He's a cool guy, I think. When he was in his 60s, he wanted to play basketball and went to the park. There were some teenagers there and he asked if he could play. Afterward, they were pretty surprised that he could play that well and that he'd beaten them so badly! We had home videos of a Christmas when I was very little where he got a basketball as one of his gifts. I asked who it was from. He said he probably gave it to himself! Anyway, I'm still wiped out from these visits and hardly able to check my e-mail, much less type something longer. Obviously, I have issues with fatigue, so this is hard for me.

The only good thing about all of this is that it's put me in touch with my cousins and my aunt again. I hope we can keep it up, even though we're in different cities. Will have to get their phone numbers from my sister, though. Anyway, I know my uncle is not doing well and getting weaker all the time. He is looking forward to dying since he's in so much pain right now. I wish he didn't have to go through that. I'm so sad about all of this.

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