Saturday, November 10, 2007

I think Dad is jealous...

Okay, all day today he seems to be wanting me to talk him into buying himself a car. That's not to say we didn't already have this discussion a few weeks ago, and he talked himself out of it and into buying me a car instead. He said that was what he really wanted to do because he didn't trust his car to be very good for my out of town forays, etc. He didn't think it was reliable with all the miles he has on it. Well, fine. He said he'd fix it up and keep it as it's decent enough for his work. That's what he SAID. Now, he sees all the nice features my car has and I think he's getting car envy. I keep trying to talk him out of it as he just bought a car and I'm not employed yet to take the payment off of him. I said "why don't you wait until I get a job, then?" and he doesn't want to wait. I said that all his car needed was regular maintenance stuff done on it anyway. It just needs new struts. That's something that needs to be replaced eventually. Not something that really went wrong with the car, you know? But now he's acting like it's too much trouble and too much money (?!) to fix it up. WTF? I mean, I may be mistaken, but isn't it more expensive to buy a brand new car, as he wants to do? Unless there's some cheap-y car out there that I don't know about that only costs $240 (the cost of the parts and labor for new struts). He might as well admit that he just wants a new one. He just wants me to say it's a good idea, too. Really, if he was going to do that, why didn't he fix up his car and give it to me, and then buy himself a new car? We discussed it. He rejected the plan. But really, if he wants the new car, it would have made more sense. I tried for a while to convince him that was the better plan, because I knew this would happen. I knew that he'd see the new car and get jealous. It always happens. Ugh. Dad. He's just a big kid.

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