Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Turkey Day and eBay

Well, Turkey Day was actually two days as I have two parents who don't get along. I suppose that even if they did manage to be on speaking terms, they probably wouldn't want to have Thanksgiving together anyway. So, sis M, who graciously offered to cook as Grandma is still out for a few more weeks, cooked 2 dinners! One for each parent. I, of course, attended both. R couldn't make it down, unfortunately. But day 1, actually on Thanksgiving Day, was turkey with Dad. M got a free turkey with the purchase of a ham at our local HEB (they rock, BTW), so she made that. BIL M made his famous mashed potatoes. He's pretty much been cooking since he was 5 years old. Amazing, but true. I didn't start until I was 8 or 9. And there were veggies and dinner rolls. All traditional fare, of course. No dessert as we couldn't eat any more. I was good and stuck to my daily allotment of WW points, as opposed to having more than one plate. So that worked out fine, and we had a good time.

Then, day 2, sis M made ham for Mom as Mom doesn't like turkey that much (fine because Dad doesn't like ham, so it worked out). She also made some mac and cheese and BIL M made his mashed potatoes again. Really, a very carb-ful dinner, but it was tasty. I managed to keep my portions down and stick to my daily points again. Woohoo! I'm so proud of myself for managing that! So, no seconds for me, as hard as that was. Then, on Saturday, Dad and I went to this Chinese restaurant we hadn't been to in years since Bei Fang is still renovating. Actually, the other place, Mencius, turned out to be really good, so now we have an alternative until Bei Fang (our favorite one) opens back up. The place looked someone upscale with marble walls and waiters dressed up like waiters in Paris, but the prices were very similar to Bei Fang. So, yippee!

Not much going on now, of course, as the holidays are over, at least until Christmas. The jury's still out on weather R's fam will make it down for that, but we'll see what happens.

The only thing I've noticed is that eBay isn't very secure. Someone broke into my account and used it to send spam. So they suspended my account and got me to change my password. Great. Fine, I don't use the site very much. Then, just recently, the sent me an e-mail saying my account had been closed, again for unauthorized use or something. I mean, that's twice! I don't even know if I want to get it reinstated as I don't trust them right now. Are they secure? I've bought stuff on there before and hadn't had a problem until just recently. Maybe it's safer for me to leave it closed for now as that means no one can access the account, right? I HOPE. I mean, at least eBay notified me of the problem, but I'd feel better if I didn't have these problems to begin with, you know? These two incidents didn't happen very far apart, either. Why all at once? I mean, I could always get a new account, but then I'd lose what little feedback I already had. I just don't know. Plus, I thought my password was pretty hard to guess, but someone still broke into it, so I don't know that if I changed it that no one could break into it again. Anyway...

I think I'm gonna get going now. Maybe I'll go to the library. I'm almost finished with my last book.

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