Thursday, June 12, 2008

A JOB!!!

I'm not getting paid yet. Of course, it's a small company and I was an intern. So I've got to be trained for the position, but that shouldn't take more than a couple of months, maybe less. But they offered me the position of intake coordinator, which means I'd be in charge of bringing in new talent. It also means, I'd be supervising a couple of interns. It shouldn't be anything I can't do as I've already done some of the work that the current intake coordinator delegated to me when I first started there. But she's mainly been wanting to do more marketing type stuff and hadn't been able to because she was having to do all the intake stuff. Now she'll be able to concentrate on what she really wanted to do and I'd get a permanent position. They also hired this other girl who I was really afraid of as she's really smart and she'd been there longer than me. But they offered her a different position. I think she's a very capable person, though, and I'm sure it's about time she was hired. Anyway, I'm so relieved to have a job offer and I can't wait to start getting paid. I'll start the training on Monday, so I have time to finish what I'm doing if I can. Plus, the training is only going to be a few hours every day and not all day. So I can still work on the Access stuff. However, I've already been given the okay to delegate some of my work to other interns, which I've done some of. It helps a lot, as I'd rather be training than what I'm doing now. I really don't mind it, but I don't want to do the same thing all day. I'm happier when there's more variety. So this will be good. My strategy at this point is to learn everything as fast as I can so that I can take over the position and start getting paid. : )

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