Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hope I get a job soon...

Things are going well at the internship. So far, I've almost finished putting all the info on all of the talent into the computer. Plus, they've given me new duties here and there, and the boss keeps coming up with new projects for me. So I'm hoping that means I'm fairly valuable and they'll want to hire me. No formal offer yet, but I don't want to be pushy at all. I knew going in that this was an unpaid internship. But I can't help but be a little impatient once I heard they might hire me. Please, let it be soon. There might be some photography in it for me, but I don't have a camera, so I'll have to get one. But I don't want to get one if I can't make payments on it, you know? Need a paying job first before I can do anything like that. Hopefully that's some incentive for them, but we'll see. I didn't bring it up and didn't want to this early. Maybe when I've been there a little longer I can mention it and let them know I won't wait around forever. I think they're all well aware, anyway, that what I really want is a job and not just an internship. I don't think I need to say it every chance I get like Dad seems to want me to do. I don't want to ruin my chances by annoying them or pissing them off.

Got on Facebook recently, too. Don't know why, but I'd signed up for it a while back, but never really used it. But everyone else started using it and I guess I can see how it might be nice to keep in touch with people. I'm not 100% sure on how it's any better than e-mail, but hey. One thing is that my cousin in Georgia who I haven't talked to in ages added me to her friends list and I'm so glad to be in touch with her. I hope we can actually talk at some point, too.

Anyway, I guess I'd better get some sleep. Don't get off work until 7:30, but can't stay up too late anymore. Don't know why. Maybe it's just me getting older. Got a birthday coming up, too. I'm going to try to find a way to make it fun if I can. : )

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