Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Does the rain like me, or not?

Job interview in Bulverde yesterday. I allowed some extra time on this one, too, because I don't recall ever going to Bulverde before. I didn't know how long it would take to get there. It was described in their directions as only being 10 miles north of 1604, but I've heard similar claims made when the actual distance was twice that or more. That, and it was near lunchtime, and it was raining. I allowed time for traffic. Well, it wasn't raining in the morning, but I knew it was a possibility. It didn't really start pouring down until I walked out the door and headed to the car in my nice suit and pumps. Really, against that kind of a downpour, an umbrella hardly makes any difference at all. I was soaked. I jumped in the car as fast as I could, but everything was wet. Yuck. So, now I have to drive all the way to Bulverde with wet stockings and a wet suit feeling really uncomfortable.

By the time I get in the car, however, the rain mysteriously stops, and I have great weather all the way to Bulverde. Traffic was bad in spots, but not so bad as to make me really far behind time-wise. I managed to make it there in 45 minutes, when I'd allowed an hour and 15 minutes. So, not bad. I get there and I'm looking like a drowned rat with no sign of rain anywhere. I didn't even bother with an explanation, but they saw me right away, even though I was early. The interview went well, I think, although they wanted me to fill out a questionnaire. I hate those kind of things, you know, "What are your best qualities?", "What are your worst qualities?" and your trying to make your worst qualities sound like they might be good things in disguise, like "I work too hard" or something along those lines. Hopefully I didn't make a fool of myself. They're doing another round of interviews before a decision is made, so it's hard to tell at this point really if I have a chance or not.

The rain came down pretty hard while I was in there filling the questionnaire out, but then it passed over. There was nothing but sunshine as I got in the car. Then, on 1604 on the way home, there was a torrent with lots of wind and very low visibility and everyone had to slow down to a near-stop. So, it took a really long time to get home. Then, I made the turn-off to get to the apartment, and the closer I got, the lighter the rain got, until there was hardly any rain at all as I got out and went inside. So, it rained enough to embarrass me at the interview and then let me get into the apartment when it didn't matter what I looked like at all. It did feel great to put some dry clothes on, though.

There's supposed to be rain all week, which is weird as we don't normally have this much rain in June. It just seems like it's been raining almost nonstop all month and you just feel like the little symbols on the weather report are stuck on the "storm" icon. H and I had to put off our day out last week, but we'll see if we can even do it tomorrow if it's still flooding. I'm so sick of the rain! I mean, the upside is that it's cooler and that's kind of a nice break from the heat, but really it's getting old. I'd like to get out of the house sometimes. : (

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