Monday, July 16, 2007

Insert Un-clever Title Here

I feel pretty bad about this, but I had a really cute title planned when I was writing my blog entry in my head the other day and I've completely forgotten it. That's what happens when you're writing blog entries at 5 am when you've had no sleep for 2 days. Oh well.

R came down for the weekend. She said traffic was horrible and it took her forever to get here. So we didn't have time to do much on Friday. But we had a dinner with M&M. Nothing fancy, just Red Lobster. I don't think I could afford more than that, and that was pretty tight for me. But we had a great time, laughing a lot and probably driving other diners crazy. Mom was acting drunk even though she'd had nothing to drink. I guess she was just in a goofy mood. But it was a lot of fun. Then, sis M had to point out the waiter she thought looked like Keifer Sutherland. R didn't see him, but I did. He looked a lot like him, actually. So M took R back into the restaurant to look for him, probably looking like a bunch of crazy girls the way they were giggling. Finally they spotted him and R saw him this time. So they came out of the restaurant laughing again, about how everyone probably thought they were nuts.

Mom, R, and me went back to Mom's apartment after that, thinking M&M were going to meet us there, but they didn't come until about 2 1/2 hours later when we'd about decided they'd changed their minds. They brought this board game called Sequence, and I knew we were going to be staying up late that night, as usually happens when we're playing board games. They didn't get to the apartment until 9:00, so that was a sign. We weren't sure about the game, but M&M insisted it was fun, so we played that for a while, laughing and joking, generally cussing for the heck of it since R can't cuss at home with the baby. R and I ended up on a team together and beat everyone for the 1st 3 rounds. M&M were a team, but they decided to switch and sis M teamed up with Mom for the 4th round. They won, but I think it was because R and I were taking less time for our turn and not doing as much strategy. The last round ended in a draw with everyone tied and no winner. We talked for a little while longer, but at around 2 am, M&M left, and everyone got ready for bed.

The next day, R and I got together with Dad around 11:00 for an early lunch. Yummy Tex-Mex, where I found out that carne guisada isn't that many Weight Watchers points, considering, so yippee! : ) Then, we went shopping because Dad wanted to get stuff for R's birthday, which we didn't get to celebrate last month because she was way up in FW. So, she got some stuff at Bath and Body Works, some clothes at Ross, and a couple of things at Walmart. We still went to Starbucks and the grocery store, too, where I just picked up a couple of things. Then, around 5:30, we met H at Starbucks (2 trips in one day, woohoo!). We talked there for a while and then went to Hobby Lobby. R wanted a couple of things, but then, the store closed at 8:00, and we had to leave. So, we went to Dollar Tree, where we all picked up one or two things, and they closed on us, too. So, after that, we went back to my apartment and talked and we all had something to eat. We ended up staying up late that night, too. It must have been 1 am or so, maybe 2 am. Again, I still couldn't sleep that night either. So that was 3 nights in a row where I only fell lightly asleep after 5 or 6 am, and then still woke up a few times, so it wasn't deep sleep.

Yesterday, we all slept late, and R and all of us were sad that she had to leave. But what can you do? R and I made a quick Starbucks trip so she could get a coffee for the road. We were pretty tired, all of us, but she headed off around 4:30. Not long after, I fell asleep waiting for this program to come on Animal Planet called "Whales of the Midnight Sun" which I wanted to see, mainly for the coverage of narwhals. I've always found them fascinating because you don't hear much about them and they seem really bizarre, like something out of a fantasy book. When I was really young, I thought they were fictitious, actually. So, then I thought I'd catch the replay at 10, but again I fell asleep and didn't wake up until 3 am, when Bucky woke me up with an upset stomach. So, I missed the show, but I hope I'll catch it later. Hopefully they'll replay it. I didn't wake up this morning until 11. I'm still exhausted.

Oh well. I hope R got home okay. She was supposed to let me know when she got there, but I never heard anything. Hopefully I just slept through it and she really did call. Anyway, that's it for this post. Hope I have some stuff going on soon to write about. Take care everyone.

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