Monday, July 2, 2007

Double Surprise!

Surprise #1: Dad calls and wants to take me to lunch. I knew he was on vacation this week, but I thought he'd wait until Wednesday or so to call me. I thought he had a lot of stuff to do this week. Apparently, he called M and she was out with Mom, so he called me. Okay, no problem. I probably coulda used a shower, but he didn't complain, so that'll have to wait until tomorrow now. Then, we go to lunch, have a nice lunch of Tex-Mex (like what else do you eat in San Antonio?--Although our Chinese food rocks, too, I tell you). We decide to check Target for Dad's moisturizer cuz we can't find it anywhere anymore. I was starting to think they discontinued it, but we thought we'd check there cuz we always found it there before. Anyway, long-winded explanation for a quick trip to Target, but anyway--that's where I had Surprise #2: Mom and M were coming right out of the store at the same time we were going in! I called out "Hey!" over and over again. No words were forming in my mind at that point. They ignored us. Then, I'm yelling at Mom and M finally turns to see who the idiot is making a scene in the parking lot and sees us. So we chat a minute with them and she tells us all about the Hell that is the checkout lines. We had second thoughts about going in, but thought we might not buy anything anyway, so we went on in.

Sure enough, the moisturizer isn't there. It must be discontinued because we checked another store later at it wasn't there either. We stared longingly at the Dyson vacuums a while, and looked a little at furniture, but nothing really stands out to tell you about. We checked Bath and Body Works even, because the really awesome sale is on now and we thought maybe they'd have something for sensitive skin, but of course, one of my favorite lines there is about to be discontinued, too! I almost hate going there, because there's always some product I become really hooked on and feel like I can't live without, that later is discontinued. It happens a lot, actually. Some of my favorite products ever came from there and have been discontinued. I just hope they keep the True Blue Spa foot cream. I'd die without that. Anyway, after that, we just went to Starbucks and I had one of the best passion tea lemonades I've ever had. It was just the right amount of sweetness and sourness to make it perfect. I was sorry I drank it so fast.

Oh well. I guess I'm gonna watch TV here and try to get to bed early. I have another job interview tomorrow and it's in Bulverde. Not exactly near home, but I'm going to go to every single job interview I get called for. I need a job too badly not to. Hopefully one of these interviews will end up in a job offer, but I'm not holding my breath. I've had a lot of these recently and it's hard to be optimistic after all of them. I mean, I try to impress, but really there's only so much I can do. IP says a lot of it is political anyway. Like she heard of employers who tell the managers, "you're going to interview these people and hire this one" before the interviews have even taken place. Sometimes, the one that does the best in the interviews isn't the one that gets hired. You never know. It's just very discouraging.

Anyway, I guess I'd better go. I just feel like I'm just bumming myself out just thinking about job-hunting...

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