Friday, October 5, 2007

Atheists Meetup

I had a great time at the Atheists meetup last night. One guy was in the same area as I am, so he carpooled with me. So I had company on the way over there, and he and I shared an interest in photography. So that was cool. He does mostly landscapes, which I also enjoy. He said he didn't become an atheist until he was 55, so it was fairly recent for him, whereas I think I was always an atheist. I just didn't figure it out for sure until college.

We got to the restaurant and met a few people. At first I had a table with a couple of guys who weren't very talkative, so I tried to ply them with questions to get them to talk a little more. Then, some more people arrived and they moved to another table. One guy stayed with me since I was alone at the table. He and I got into a debate about what an agnostic really is, then he went over to the other table with his friends and I joined another discussion at another table. There we had some lively debates and some really enlightened, deep, philosophical conversations, which were really fun. I think our table was the last table left in the whole restaurant after a while as everyone left and we ended up staying really late, but it was fun. The only thing was the food was only so-so and kind-of fast-food-like and not very good. AND there was a band playing right behind us, like not even a foot away. My chair was right against one of the musician's chair. So the music was really loud and it was hard to talk. We had to yell to hear each other. So, I enjoyed the group, but I don't think I want to go to that restaurant again.

I have a paranormal group meetup tomorrow morning before I meet my dad. That should be fun, too, but it will be a smaller group of only 9 people. The guy arranged it at this tiny Starbucks with only two tables, so we'll have to sit outside, probably. There's not even that much room on the patio, so I don't know. I don't know why he picked that one when there's a larger one right across on the other side of the highway. But, what can I say? I won't get to meet everyone, though, because they had to make another meeting the next day since the place was so small. I wish I could meet more of them, though. Oh well. Still, I look forward to meeting more people and maybe making some friends.

Anyway, lunch is almost ready, so that'll be it for this post. But at least I did something fun for once instead of being bored at home. Nothing new on the job front, though, but I'll keep you posted.

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