Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A little bummed...

I may have had a post on my other blog with a similar or exactly the same title. I don't know. But every so often, when I think there's a job that I will get, it sucks when I don't get a call back. Really, the last interview, it seemed like they were desperate. Why didn't I get that one? Am I really that awful? Was it something I said in the interview? I thought it went really well. I can't think of anything that would make them not want to hire me, except maybe that there was still someone better out there. But that makes me pretty bummed, like maybe I'm not that great a photographer or something. Obviously, I'll keep trying, but it's hard not to let it get to me. It does get to me. Why wouldn't it get to me? I just feel like no one's ever going to want to hire me if I didn't get that one. Who could possibly want to hire me more than those people? No one.

Well, I can't give up, of course. I've got to keep trying. I just wish I'd get a job soon so I don't have to worry any more. I'm sick of job-hunting. I'm sick of looking at listings, I'm sick of interviews, I'm sick of getting turned down. Really. There's only so much of this I can take, you know?

I have a couple of things to do this week, though. I signed up for some groups on So, there's a meeting tomorrow night at dinner at a restaurant I've never been to before. It's a pizza place, so it will be a challenge to stay on my diet that night, but I think I can do it. Then, I have another one Saturday morning. We'll see how they go. Obviously, I don't have to go to any more group meetings if I don't like that particular group, but maybe I'll at least make friends. It gets lonely without R bugging me all the time. I don't get to see H very often either. So, it will be nice to meet some new people.

I haven't been wanting to update this blog for a while, I guess. Most of it's just being down all the time. Plus, I don't feel like I have much going on. I don't have that many interviews and when I do there's not much to say about them. So, we'll see how things go. It's hard to be optimistic when I keep applying for jobs and nothing ever happens, not even an interview.

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