Friday, October 12, 2007

Looks like I'm going to FW...

Woohoo. Yes, not that exciting. A boring place to go with nothing to do, but my sis is there. So I will be visiting her mainly. I doubt we'll find all kinds of fun things to do, but we'll probably go to Starbucks a lot. Hopefully she has this ice cream I've been obsessed with. It's Blue Bunny No Sugar Added, Reduced-fat Bunny Tracks. This stuff is heavenly and doesn't taste light at all. Normally, I'm not one for peanut butter, but put it with chocolate and I'm all over it. However, this ice cream is 3 points for a half-cup. I wish I could have lots more, but I usually don't have more than 3 points left over after my meals. The first time I had it, it seemed really rich and I didn't think I could eat more than a half-cup, but the more I eat it, the more I want it. I wish I could feasibly eat it all day long, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The stuff is delicious.

I made a version of tortilla soup from a recipe I got online. I had to alter it a bit as they seemed to think there were bell peppers in tortilla soup. Well, you can tell when someone is not from here when they put weird ingredients like that in Mexican food. Still, it made some good soup (my altered version), although it didn't really taste like tortilla soup. I think that's the recipe's fault, though. In real tortilla soup, there just aren't that many ingredients and they seemed to think they needed a whole bunch. But at least it was good, and there's some left over in the fridge.

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday as there's another meetup group I want to go to that night. Then, the organizer for the atheists meetup wanted to have a Halloween party, so that sounds like it might be fun. He said he hired a 12 member folk band to play loud music directly behind us all night, but I think he was joking. So, hopefully I'll make some friends out of this and have some fun.

Besides all that, not much going on. No job interviews, nothing. I'm getting so sick of it. I NEED a JOB!!! I'm getting impatient here. It can't last forever, can it? I mean, someone will hire me eventually, right? I mean, I'm not mean or awful to live with, am I? I think I'm a decent photographer. I know the graphic design software and I can learn quickly. I have customer service skills. I have a college degree. Really, what is it about me that turns employers off? Really, someone tell me.

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Bipolar Housewife said...

* You haven't been employed in a while.

* You know the software, but don't consider yourself proficient.

* You tell people stuff like you can't work on Saturdays, that you'll call them back after you think about it, and that you don't have time for an in-person interview.

* Um, you're looking into fields where inexperience is usually undesirable.

Did you really want to know? Really? I try to come up with more?

Hey, sisters are blunt and honest! Hope you will still visit me--although I hear you have an interview! Yea! So you should maybe disregard your own post!

Please come visit me! Esp. if my hubby's opportunities actually turn into something (can't say much, esp. on my own blog--he hates it when I do that!) But maybe yours is okay to mention in the comments.