Monday, May 5, 2008

Everyone is pissed at me

Everyone. Maybe not you, but it seems as though it's everyone. I'm sure I can do something to piss you off, too, while I'm at it. I'm not doing it on purpose. It just seems things aren't going right lately and everything I do isn't good enough for someone. So, right now, I should explain why my boss is mad at me, because really, she should know better.

She has yet to pay me. I started working for her back in March. Yes, March. I still haven't received a paycheck. RE thought this was outrageous and looked up state law regarding pay, and as it turns out, she is breaking the law. According to the Texas Workforce Commission website, an employer is required to pay an employee within a month or less. PLUS, FEDERAL law requires that an employer specify a regular pay period when hiring an employee. She never did that. So, naturally I wrote an e-mail to my boss, notifying her of these facts, and stating that I didn't want her to get in trouble and I still wanted to work with her. Well, she's being really nasty to me now, when before she'd loved me and trusted me with anything. She never had a problem with my work before. Now, she says I've misrepresented myself as a web designer. Truthfully, I NEVER told her I was a web designer. When she hired me and asked me to update a website, I told her I'd never designed a website before and I asked her to give me something easy. She gave me two sites that were already messed up and I wasn't able to fix them as I don't know enough about web design. She just gave me print stuff after that and she was fine. She said I'd learn about web design as she had another designer that would work from the office when she got the office fixed up. But now, she's pissed about the web design, and I reminded her that I'd never said I was a web designer. She said it was on my resume. No it wasn't. My resume lists the classes I took on the software, but I have no experience as a web designer and never even took classes in web design. I took a class in Dreamweaver, but that's not the same thing as knowing web design. I mean, I TOLD her I'd never designed a website! She only hears what she wants to hear, apparently. She is sort-of flighty, disorganized, and misinformed. I mean, she said she had lawyers that worked with her on contracts. Like she wants me to sign a confidentiality agreement now. She also said she has a contract that her employees sign (this is the first I've heard of any such thing) that states they get paid when a job is finished. Well, she never said that. She said I was hourly, not contract. I mean, doesn't a contract, even a verbal one, have to be clear to both parties to be valid? If I was an hourly employee, as she told me, I would expect regular paychecks based on the hours I'd worked. She never laid conditions down, like I had to finish a web site first, or anything. Besides, I have done stuff for her and I continually asked her to give me more work, but she doesn't. Still, she has to pay me for answering phones, cleaning her office, etc. I'm not a volunteer.

Ugh. I don't want to have anything to do with her anymore. I just want my paycheck and I'll be on my way. Not that there are lots of other jobs out there. There are hardly any. But I'm hoping something will come along. I can't be unemployed forever, can I? I doubt I can hope to marry some rich guy. Besides, I doubt I'd be happy if I wasn't doing something at least somewhat worthwhile.

Anyway, I did go to the atheist meetup a few days ago. It was Thursday night, actually. I got to sit by J, who is a cute reporter for a local TV network. Firstly, he came in late as he had to work, but he ended up sitting at another table as they were all full. But, as people left for the night, he made a point to come over and sit by me. I thought that was really sweet, but of course, I tried to make myself as attractive as possible, since I knew he'd be there. I wore a low-cut dress. I put my hair up to show off my tattoo on my upper back. I wore my cute "new" sandals. I did my makeup to show off my eyes. I mean, I did my best. So we did talk, although he had to get up early in the morning and didn't stay very long. : ( I wish he'd asked me out, but again, it's only the second time we've ever met. Maybe he'll come to the next meetup and I can talk to him again. The next one is at Ruta Maya Coffee. Hope he can make it to that one. I hope I didn't piss him off as I have everyone else. But, in my boss' case, aren't I the one that should be pissed? That's what I think.

Well, that's it for now. Despite my post, I'm actually in a relatively good mood today, so don't judge my mood based on what I post. O-keee?


Bipolar Housewife said...

Sue the bitch.

She can't fire you based on that, or else it's retribution. Then you can sue her for that on top of everything else. She knows you didn't sign any contracts and she has no leg to stand on. You have copies of the resume you sent her. Her case is pretty slim.

Good luck, and I hope things get better.


P.S. I'm not mad at you.

Bipolar Housewife said...

Plus, didn't she say once before that she needed to pay you? Doesn't that imply that you're not contract?

CJ said...

Yeah, she said 1st of May or around then, and I still haven't gotten a check. I'm wondering if she ever intended to pay me. Should have been more wary when she told me she was a Christian. Don't only crooks make a point to tell you that? That's what it seems like anyway.