Saturday, May 24, 2008


No way does this ever happen to me! But I won something else in a sweepstakes. Not a little prize either. I usually win something worth about $10, although I've won some good ones here and there. This time, I won an iPod!!!! Kick-ass!! I'd been wanting one, but I figured it would be forever before I could actually afford one. AND it's really cool. It's the new iPod Touch, with the touch screen thing that's kind-of like an iPhone. Not the little 8GB one either. The 32GB one. Well, BIL C's is 60GB, I think, but it's the old one. Still, I'm so happy I won one. Finally, I'm not the only person in the world who doesn't have one, but one of the many who have one. R's getting an iPhone, so I don't have to feel bad for her. I mean, I'd get one if I could. It's cool. But no way could I afford it or the plan, so good for her that she can. I'll just have to take what I can get.

I'm working at this talent agency as an intern, but they hinted that they may want to offer me a permanent position. I just hope it's soon. I could SOOOO use the money right now. The gas alone is horrible. I filled up today. It was $50!!! That wasn't even a full tank of gas, either. I had a quarter of a tank left. And for those of you who don't know, I don't drive a big old SUV. It's just a sedan. And I thought it was a V6, but I was mistaken. Mine's the model just under the V6 model. It drives like a V6, though, in my opinion. But anyway. That's about a half hour of driving each way, no traffic. If there was traffic, it would probably take a little over an hour to get to work every day, but my day doesn't start until 10:30 and we don't get out until 7:30, so I miss the traffic. The missing traffic part is cool, but I don't get to go to as many meetups as I'd like since most of them start an hour before I'd get there and they'd end about an hour after I'd get there. So I don't want to drive half way across town for some thing that I'd only be there an hour for. I wish I could work out my hours to be a little earlier, but we'll see. At this point, if they'd just hire me, I'd be happy. I'm tired of working for free.

For now, I'm just transferring their Word files into Access to make them searchable. Hopefully I can come up with something else indispensable to them so that they'll want to keep me. I'm reading a book on Quickbooks, so maybe that will help. The only problem is that they're interviewing people who are applying for jobs (not the internships), and I'm afraid there will be someone more qualified than me that will come along and take my place. Wish me luck!

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