Monday, October 27, 2008


Realized I didn't talk about my LA trip. Well, to be honest there wasn't much to it since little E got scarlet fever. So, for the first couple of days, we got to see a few things. Mostly we ate and went shopping. So the first day, we just walked around in Burbank and shopped at Urban Outfitters, which there isn't a location of in San Antonio. We also saw this coffee house called La Mill. That was pretty good, too. I had a Valrhona mocha. Ethan had vanilla bean ice cream that looked pretty good. We hung out with R's friend G there and then did the shopping. Then, we went back to R's apartment and ordered takeout and sat on R's roof deck. It was a nice night and there's a nice view from up there, so it was very nice and relaxing.

Day 2 we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway. We didn't go that far down it, but it was a nice view. I took a few photos when I could get a clear shot. We wanted to stop and see the beach, but there wasn't any parking being that it was a Saturday. For lunch we had Cuban sandwiches and a dessert of mango mousse.

Sunday, we went to Old Town Pasadena and went shopping. We picked up some treats for Bucky for his birthday at Three Dog Bakery. We missed S and D's call, but they called again that evening and came over for drinks. We sat on the roof again.

The next day, Ethan was sick. On top of that, S and D were in a car accident and were too shaken up to drive back to R's apartment. So that day was pretty much a bummer. Tuesday, R took E to the doctor, where he got the scarlet fever diagnosis. S and D came and picked me up and we went to eat at Porto's for Cuban sandwiches again. Then, we went and got coffee in Burbank and did a little shopping. That night, they came by and said goodbye to R and E since they were going to be leaving the next day. The rest of the time we were pretty much stuck at home since C was at work. However, R and I did go to the mall my last night there and we had these really good smoothies and did some shopping. We picked up food for later, though. So, not much. I need to go back since we didn't get to do much sightseeing. : (

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