Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Makeup

This weekend I hung out with my dad. First, we went to lunch at our favorite Chinese place Bei Fang. Then we did some shopping. The first place I wanted to go was Ulta, since I needed makeup and I'd been researching some online. I initially wanted to try Bare Minerals, even though it's pretty expensive. Then, I read reviews where people said that it was difficult to apply, exaggerated wrinkles, and didn't last very long. Well, that's my primary complaint against mineral makeup. So then, I didn't know which liquid foundation to go to since I'd tried almost all of them, except for the more expensive ones. So I researched again and heard about this other one called Dermablend. It's supposed to be really good at covering scars, etc. The reviews sounded good, so I decided that would be what I would get. It's a little high, being that the foundation and powder were both $20. But I had a coupon for 20% off. However, I have a problem finding the correct shade and I didn't want to buy it being that it cost that much, and then what if I didn't like it? So, a woman there gave me a consultation and picked the shade for me. Really, I think the shade matches very well. Anyway, then I paid for it, since I really wanted to get my dad out of there. I know he's uncomfortable in these really girlie places like that. But then, after I paid, he showed me 2 other items in the store, like he'd been looking around. He seemed pretty excited about them, too. I mean, one was makeup, so I'm sure he just thought I'd like it. The other was a hair dryer. But I thought that was funny since I thought he was in a hurry to leave!

Anyway, my review of Dermablend:

It goes on looking very natural and is really easy to apply. I can use my fingers and it takes only a very small amount to cover my whole face. It doesn't completely cover my acne scars, but it diminishes the appearance of them, which is great. I'm sure I just need their concealer, but that's another $20. Anyway, it lasts all day and looks fresh the entire time. I mean, it looks like I'm not wearing anything at all. I love it. I'd recommend it to anyone. The setting powder is great because it's translucent. It's a white powder, but it goes on looking clear. So it doesn't change shades as my skin produces oil, like most powders do. That was my other complaint with other makeups. So even if I matched the shade of the foundation pretty well (which is hard to do since my skin is a weird color), the powder would look too dark or too light. LOVE IT!

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