Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tests part II

I'm assuming that since I haven't heard anything about the tests aforementioned that everything must be okay. I'd assume that they'd call me for an earlier appointment or they'd at least call to let me know what had happened. When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, that's what happened. My case was so severe that the doctor called me the night he got the results and told me to come in first thing in the morning and I didn't need to make an appointment, that it was an emergency. I'd assume that diabetes or a heart problem would require some sort of immediate action.

Other than that, I've had a cold the last few days. I haven't felt much like doing anything, although it wasn't as severe as it could have been. To be honest, I haven't been severely ill since I started taking a zinc supplement. I really think it helped. I'm not sure if I'd have been severely ill with this one, so it could just be in my head, but I wasn't stuck in bed the whole time. I do feel better today, although my cough hasn't gone away yet, but that'll probably be the last thing to go. I am drinking some echinacea tea, as well. It's supposed to boost your immune system, so I'm giving it a shot. It seems to help, but again, maybe I wouldn't know. Maybe this cold just isn't that bad. It just seems to help since I haven't been as ill as I've been in the past in a long time.

The other thing is that I've lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I'm extremely happy about this, since I'd plateaued for a couple of weeks and nothing happened. I was extremely disappointed and was afraid that it was something to do with my diet and me, rather than something that happens with every diet. So it's a little more encouraging to have lost weight again. I was so happy when I got on the scale today and it didn't go up as high as I expected. : )

I've contemplated writing a book of some type. Not necessarily the same style as I write here. This is more to get my thoughts out than to really entertain anyone. I'm not even sure anyone follows me anymore, or that anyone would find it entertaining. But I have been told that I should write again, and I did have some novels I'd started to write a long time ago that I could attempt to finish, or else make them short stories and attempt to put them into an anthology. Not sure yet. I've also been told I should write my memoirs, which I'd never considered. I didn't think anyone would care to read something about someone they'd never heard of, but I've also been told that there are people who would still read it and that not everyone who writes them is famous. Well, that shows you how much of that genre that I read. I guess I tend to focus on historical mysteries and sci-fi. : )


Rene said...

Can't Sleep!

Well, another night when I sleep weird. I got to sleep fine with melatonin, although I had to take 2 3mg pills since one won't do the trick. Then I have to take a Xanax even though I hate doing it. But nighttime is the time I'm most anxious and stressed out for some reason. Still, I slept fine at first, then I wake up (as usual) and can't get back to sleep. I woke up just before 3 and it's now almost 5am. Sucks because I don't get enough sleep as it is, and that's supposed to help my recovery. It's also good to wake up at the same time every day, but like that's going to happen when I've only gotten 4 hours of sleep. Then I'm groggy all day. I guess I should say that I have bipolar II, so I don't have the kind of mania where I can get by on less sleep, or when I'm euphoric and happy. I tend to be irritable and impatient with people and my racing thoughts keep me awake, along with anxiety. I should at least say that on the Lamictal I haven't been as depressed, and even when I'm manic it doesn't seem to be as bad as before. Still, I'd like it if I could get a decent night of sleep. Well, when I'm depressed I can hardly stay awake and that's not good either. I just want my sleep cycle to normalize and I can get on with my day without feeling wiped out and exhausted. Plus, I'm having difficulty motivating myself to do normal things. Like, sometimes I can't make myself brush my teeth or take a shower. I haven't vacuumed since we moved into the new place, which hasn't been that long really, but long enough that I need to vacuum pretty badly. So, I don't know if I'm having a mixed episode and not just complete mania or depression. Then again, all the drugs they give me cause fatigue, so I don't know how I'm ever supposed to have any energy. Ugh.

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Exactly what I am going thru diagnosed the same year, currently on worker's com due a injury, taking lots of meds for pain on elbow and wrist and for the bipolar, anxiety.

CJ said...

I will say I left off the Xanax now. I thought it was best to avoid it altogether. But I still take 2 melatonin tablets. There are days when I feel like I could sleep forever, and other days where I just wake up and can't go back to sleep. I just feel groggy and irritable all the time. I can't work when I'm like this. All my coworkers don't want to be around me. I applied for disability, but was denied. I still can't work, though. Some of my meds may be causing side effects (or else it's separate conditions?). This could take quite a while longer to sort out. I'd like to go back to work, though. I'll never have any money if I can't work, you know? I hope you feel better soon, Rene. I know how bad you must feel.