Monday, June 25, 2007

I love Starbucks : )

In the morning, I had a job interview. Not really what I'd like to do on my birthday, but maybe if I got a job offer on the spot, that would make up for it. No such luck. AND, they tested my knowledge of Photoshop, which made me feel STUPID. Not that I don't know Photoshop pretty well, but with someone watching your every move, it's a little scary. Plus, the version I learned was from a long time ago (in software terms) and tons of new features have been added since then, only adding to my nervousness. They had CS3 and Windows Vista, which made for a unique experience. I'm glad they're a PC office and not Mac, but Vista? OMG. Weird. It almost felt like alien territory or something. It might as well have been on a Mac for how different it is from XP, which is what I have at home. Maybe if he hadn't been watching me and I had a little time to get used to it I'd be fine. Don't know if I did well enough to land me the job, though. Plus, they said things move pretty quickly around there, so don't know if they think it would take too long for me to get it. Anyway, we'll see. They're looking to hire 4 or 5 people pretty soon. Maybe I'll be lucky this time, or else I'll hear back from AT&T soon.

After that, I went home and changed. I didn't want to run around all day in a business suit. Then, I went to Starbucks. I was looking forward to splurging on a white mocha Frappuccino Light, but they said they didn't have decaf Frappuccino Light mixed up. So, they made me a Frappuccino with the creme base light and added a couple of shots of espresso. Still tasted good. AND, one of my favorite baristas was there, and she gave me half off the price (I think she'd have given it to me free, but the manager was right there and she was lucky to sneak the discount in). Still, it was nice of her. And no one knew how old I was. They guessed 22! Wow. Nice compliment to a 36 year old. The secret is to not smoke or tan, drink lots of water, and use Nivea Q10 moisturizer. Good genes help, too. Then, Dad called on my cell while I was sitting there reading. So, that was a nice surprise.

When I got home, I was getting on the computer and the phone rang. Who was it, but my friend S in England! She just wanted to wish me a happy birthday, of course. So that was sweet of her to call overseas just for that. We chatted a little about pets and so on. We're all fond of our pets since neither of us can have children. I think that's why I spoil Bucky so much.

So, that's it so far, but perhaps a Sea World trip is in the works for tonight. I'm pretty tired, though. Still, I need the exercise, so I should go anyway. Maybe I should rest a bit here and maybe eat lunch or something. It's actually almost dinner time, but I haven't had lunch yet. I had breakfast late because I went to the interview first and didn't have time to eat before that. Anyway, that's it. My 36th birthday so far...

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