Monday, January 3, 2011

Gonna gripe again...

Another bad day with the University Health System. I mean, I'm so glad they're paying for so much of this stuff since I don't have insurance or income, but they really could make this whole process much simpler.

I went to the gynecologist about a month ago. She wrote me a prescription for something that was really expensive. So I called her back and told her that I wanted another one that was cheaper, but still a higher dose of hormone. I went to pick it up at HEB, thrilled that it was only $7. Then, I got home and saw that it was a variable dose hormone packet and not the higher dose tablets that I wanted. Usually, on the variable dose ones, it's higher dose tablets for the first week, slightly less for the second week, low dose for the 3rd week, and nothing for the last week, so that you'll get your period. These don't work for me because, as soon as I'm not on the high dose tablets, I start to bleed and will keep bleeding the rest of the month. Not heavily, at first, but it gets heavier and is painful the whole time. I'd discussed this with her at my appointment, but I guess she didn't remember and my reminder to her that I needed a higher dose tablet didn't seem to click in her head that these other packets wouldn't work for me. So, I've been calling to get her to call in another prescription, but they've been out for the holidays and were supposed to be back today.

I called today, and not only is my doctor still not there, but they said that she can't call in another prescription unless I go back down there for another appointment. I was furious, because it's not my fault she didn't listen to me and called in the wrong prescription. However, they were adamant and told me I could switch to another doctor, but I'd still have to go in for an appointment. So, now I'm going to have to drive all the way downtown (I'm on the far north side of town), pay to park in a lot that doesn't always have spaces and they make you pay in advance (space or no space), and wait in a noisy waiting room forever with the noisy, screaming, misbehaving children running all over the place. Then, even after they see me, I have to wait for an hour after they talk to me so that they can have a conference, then dismiss me. Urgh! I hate this system. Why can't they have their little conference AFTER I leave? Why do I have to be there for that when I'm sitting in the waiting room anyway? Plus, the place is run-down, dirty, and depressing. I hate it and never want to go back there, but it's not like I have a choice. I can tell I'm still depressed because I cried all morning over this. I wish I could just deal with it, but I just don't know how. I get frustrated and I get mad when people don't seem to understand how I feel.


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