Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two Things...

Mom and I went to Sea World last night. Nothing much. We just wanted to do some walking and maybe find some way to carry our passes and ID without them getting too wet if we're on a water ride. The passes aren't laminated and they're just these paper ticket-like things, so we were afraid they'd disintegrate if they got wet too many times. So-oo we went shopping mainly. Nothing too strenuous, but a lot of walking. We found these wallet things that were pretty cheap and will hook onto our belt loops. So, won't come off on a roller coaster, either and we don't have to hold it or anything. Then, we got home, exhausted. It was a long walk, you know. Then, I checked my board shorts and found that they don't have belt loops. Hopefully the wallet will still hook on somewhere. I'll have to figure that out. They had some really cute board shorts out there at Sea World, but they were over $20! Wow. There was also this cute dress, but it was $30. Guess I'm not buying clothes out there.

Anyway, I also got an e-mail from AT&T about a job I'd applied for. There were actually 3 positions, one in San Antonio, one in Austin, and one in Fort Worth for a graphic designer for the yellow pages. Sounds easy enough and probably about entry-level. The one from Austin contacted me to come in for some testing on Monday, so they're going to be wanting to see how well I know the design software and how well I can proofread, etc. That kind of thing. So, I'll have to talk to Dad and make sure I have enough gas to start off the week. I'll also have to study quite a bit since I haven't used that software in a while and I might be a little rusty. I want to make sure I do well. At least it's another opportunity, which I really need right now. I think I'd be more upset if the interviews, etc. dried up. Hopefully I'll get a job from this, but again, I'm not holding my breath. We'll see.

Game 4 of the NBA Finals tonight. Would be great if the Spurs won it all tonight, but R wishes they'd come back to San Antonio before they won. Don't know. I think I'd feel better if they won sooner rather than later. It's nerve-wracking, even though they're 3 games up. I'm a worrier after all. Can't fault Cleveland at all, though. They did great to make it this far, but they're a young team and they have a lot of potential to be even better after this year.

Well, I'll keep everyone updated. I probably won't blog again until Saturday or Sunday unless something happens that's different than every other day. Usually my days are pretty ordinary and routine.

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