Thursday, April 10, 2008


You'd think that having a job would keep me busy. But no. I don't have anything to do. I'm bored out of my mind. Yesterday I got stuff to do, but she didn't give me anything additional, so I've been just piddling all morning and part of the afternoon. She doesn't want me going in until 2:30. I asked her to give me some things to work on this morning and e-mail the files to me, but she didn't. She said she would, but she didn't. This isn't the first time I've asked her to do this, either. I've asked her on several occasions. Not to mention, that when I go into the office I don't have anything to do there either. I have no reason to go in, but she wants me there. It's HOT in there, too. The a/c sucks and on top of that she leaves the window open. It's 86 or so out there. Not really letting cool air in by having the window open, you know? I wish I could find another job where I'd get more hours. I really need the money and not having anything to do isn't helping me at all. I'm still looking for a job, but there aren't many out there. Most of them, like about 80%, are all medical jobs. Sucks, but that's the way it goes. Even worse, I was cleaning out some paperwork in my boss' office yesterday and I was finding records from '05 and '06 and there were bills in there. Several of them kept popping up saying "past due" and other similar phrases. I just get the picture she's not very organized and she's the type of person I need to bug over and over again to get her to do anything. I mean, I can't even get her to give me work! Not a good sign. It's so frustrating!

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