Monday, April 14, 2008

Maybe I should avoid Mi Tierra

I had a good time at lunch. I wish it was a little cheaper to eat there, but at least it's good. Everyone liked it and we all talked and enjoyed ourselves. Then, everyone wanted to go shopping afterward. Well, I thought it might be fun just to go with them and not buy anything. We wandered around and the group organizer took pictures. It was fun. Of course, after a while everyone was tired. In the last store I ended up buying a pendant. I really shouldn't have as I didn't really have the money, but it was this neat-o Mayan design, kind-of like a calendar. That was, incidentally, the only thing I bought. But I really shouldn't have done that. Then, everyone left except for RE, who I'd been seeing, although we haven't seen much of each other in a while. But we went back to Mi Tierra so that I could pick up some sweetbread, but they didn't have much of the Mexican stuff. Mostly donuts and the like. I was disappointed. So I didn't end up getting anything there, which was probably a good thing.

RE and I went walking around a little. We saw this little coffee house across the street, but we really weren't thinking about it being Sunday and the place was closed. So we kept walking and ended up by the Spanish Governor's Palace. I didn't realize it was that close to Market Square, so we decided to go in as the place is fairly small. It didn't take long, so we went back to Market Square and looked around at El Mercado (another building separate from the place we were that was across the street where the parking was. Anyway, after a while we got some bottled coffee and water and went to the park across that street to sit down. It was a nice little park and it was a nice day. Not too hot. We sat and talked some more and even did a little snuggling. Hope that wasn't too obnoxious, but we weren't being noisy, just hugging. After that, RE had to go as he had a bowling league game he had to go to. It was after 5:00 by then, though, so I didn't feel too bad. It was fun.

Today, I'm waiting to hear from my doctor about some Geodon samples as I can't afford to buy the prescription. But they'd been out when I called last week. I'm hoping they have some as I'm out and I don't want to get all confused and absent-minded again. Also, my boss hasn't called me and she had her phone off when I called her. I left a message on her voice mail, but I'd already done that last week and she never returned my call. So I hope she's okay. I'm hoping she calls me back, too.

Anyway, I could spend my day cleaning the bathroom, but I hurt my hand and I can't imagine scrubbing the bathtub with it hurting as bad as it's been. It hurts to type, too. Well, maybe I'll scrub the toilet and wipe down the sink again. The bathtub will have to wait, I think, as that's the one that will take the most effort. Hopefully it won't be too much longer that I have to worry about my hand, though, as it looks terrible and I want it CLEAN. Plus, I'm going to keep going through job listings. Hopefully I'll find something more stable, full-time, with benefits. : )

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