Sunday, April 13, 2008


Dad and I went to our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant for lunch, El Chapparal in Helotes. I had some yummy carne guisada (it's stew, not beef tips with gravy on them). It was awesome. Dad had some things to do later on, like empty all the fax machine parts out of his car so he could take it in to get it repaired today. The brakes are causing him trouble, among other things. So we had to cut our day short, but we managed to do a little shopping at Walmart (not really fun, but we got everything we needed fairly quickly). But we did take some time at Starbucks after that. I remembered to bring my Starbucks cup so that I could get the discount. Then, it was HEB, where I used a few coupons. Really, a fairly short day, but we had a good time. I think Dad was disappointed that he didn't get to buy a new car just yet. I think he was thinking that I'd make enough money to pay my car payment, but that's not happening at present. I haven't even gotten paid and I've been there for 3 weeks already. Plus, that day I was supposed to go in at 2:30, she called and said she didn't need me to come in after all. So I only worked 7 hours last week. Sucks. So, if I ever do get paid, it won't be very much.

Today, I have a coffee meetup at Mi Tierra, the place I went with R and E at Market Square. Should be fun. : ) I'd better get ready to go, actually!

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