Saturday, May 19, 2007


Well, to me he just looks like Dad. Apparently the lady at the library thought he looked like he should have been my husband! Well, I didn't think she was saying I look old, so it must have been that my dad looks pretty young. Really, he doesn't look 62. At the oldest, he looks 50. And only my dad would get upset at the compliment and think he had to defend himself by telling the woman I'm his daughter and not his wife. I didn't even hear what she said, but my dad told me about it later in the car. "Like I was just telling your wife..." Wow. Looking good, Dad! So, I had to tease him and call him "Hubby" all day.

So the library here is going to be doing the thing like they do in FW. That means, a little receipt that tells you when your book is due, as opposed to a re-usable sticker with a stamp on it that couldn't get lost because it was attached to the book. Personally, I liked the old system better. I know that receipt isn't sticking around.

Then, at Starbucks, I thought I was going to get a strawberries and cream Frappuccino, but they didn't have the light cream base yet. Soon, though. So, I got a passion tea lemonade because I wasn't sure my stomach could handle coffee just yet. It probably could have, but I thought I'd give my stomach another couple of days to be sure. It was hot everywhere we went, too. I mean, maybe the temperature wasn't that high (personally, I think it was hot enough), but the humidity made it worse and no one had their a/c on high enough. Really, it's almost June in Texas. Surely this isn't sneaking up on them all. It's been getting warmer all month.

Anyway, other than that we had a good time and laughed a lot. Dad still said he wanted to go to FW next week, so woohoo! He just has some errands to do first, but then we can go. I was afraid the doctor bill would be too high, but maybe he just misses R. Good, because I did, too. Even though I may be allergic to her and that might be the source of the stomach viruses. Both of them occurred when I saw her. Coincidence?...

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Bipolar Housewife said...

Remember the lady who did my makeup at my wedding? She asked me who the man was who helped me bring my dress in. I told her that was my dad. "I thought that was your brother!" she gasped! Yup, dad looks good!