Wednesday, May 9, 2007


This is so gross, I don't even want to post a picture. But my drain was stopped up for a while in the bathroom. It was nasty. I tried Drain-o and all sorts of things to unstop it. Nothing worked. I guess I didn't want to call the office. I was hoping it was nothing. But having to clean the bathtub after every shower really started to suck. I'm sick of it! So, yesterday I broke down and called the office. She said she'd send someone that day and everything. Well, I'd been up since 5:30, so it seemed like forever. He came around 2:00 or so. He was in there quite a while, taking cell phone calls the whole time. I heard him test it when he was done, but I don't know. I'm skeptical. Hopefully if I clean the bathtub today I won't have to do it again tomorrow. But I've got to clean it. It's disgusting! Soap buildup everywhere. It gets all sludgy. Eeewwww! So I'm going to be cleaning for a while. Then I've probably got to do some laundry. If R is coming, I'll need towels and right now they're all dirty. Hopefully she'll be able to take a shower without it being too gross in there. I sure hope that guy fixed it.

My Febreezed book still smells like smoke a little, but it's better. It was really strong before and now the smell isn't as bad, but I hope it doesn't mess with my allergies while I'm reading it. Maybe I'll Febreeze it again. We'll see. I'm almost finished with my other book. I was going to go to Starbucks today, but maybe I'll save my money until R gets here. I wish I had enough money to go to Bath and Body Works. I need a sugar scrub and a body butter. Probably need a bunch of other things, too, but I know that's harder to do. I just love the stuff over there. It's probably my favorite store aside from Starbucks. : )

I'm probably on the computer to stall. I just don't really want to be cleaning today. But I need to take a shower and the idea of doing it before it's clean is repulsive. I know I've got to do it. It just won't be pleasant. I've also got to pay my car insurance bill. I put the money in the bank yesterday and I need to check to make sure it's there. They used to have these cool ATMs that you didn't need an envelope for. They just used your card information to put it into your account. Now, apparently there were problems with those ATMs because the old ones are back and I had to try to remember my account number! I haven't had to use that for soooo long. I hope I guessed right. So I've got to check my account first before I pay the bill. Luckily it's all the same company (USAA--they rock, by the way) so I can do it all on their website. The insurance is only for military and employees of the company, plus their dependants. But the bank isn't. Anyone can join the bank and it's so awesome that I'd recommend it to everyone. They rebate ATM fees from any ATM. I mean that too. Any other bank's ATM fees they will rebate back to you. They also have these awesome postage-paid envelopes that they send to you so you can mail in deposits if you need to. You don't even need to go to the bank. Plus, you can do just about anything on their website, even order checks (free, BTW). They rock!

Oh well. I've probably put this off long enough. I better get to cleaning. : ( Talk to you all later.

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