Thursday, May 3, 2007

Here is my dog...

His name is Starbuck. There's a story, actually. I was locked out of the house while Mom was adopting him for me, just before Thanksgiving, and I waited at a Starbucks for an hour and a half. Well, I didn't know why Mom didn't come straight home to let me in. It was a surprise. I was just mad as hell. But, all was forgiven as soon as I laid eyes on this poofy little puppy. He's a little papillon, a spaniel. Look at those ears! Cute!

He's adorable and really sweet. Well, he's sweet to me. He can be a little tyrant at times and he's extremely protective of me. But he's really loving. Other than the usual "Baby", "Sweetheart" etc. type nicknames, I have a few others.

Little Bitty
Cutie Pie

You know, whatever comes out first. I love my dog. I don't have kids. Whaddayagonnado? He's my baby. : )


Bipolar Housewife said...

Do you ever call him "Batdog"? "Buckyboy"? "Buckster"?

Just curious!


CJ said...

Buckster maybe. Not Batdog. Hadn't thought of that one. It's not really all that cute, though. I guess neither is Licky, but hey. That's the stuff that usually comes to me at the time.