Thursday, May 10, 2007


Really, I just totally forgot. I'm glad they call to confirm the day before. So, I've got to leave in a few minutes. I'd hate to forget and be charged for missing an appointment. Maybe it's good that they do that (charge for missed appointments) as a way to provide incentives for continuing your treatment. I know it's easy to just wallow in self-pity and want to stay home all the time and never do anything. But those wouldn't be reasons I'd miss them. I just don't remember dates very well. I knew I had an appointment sometime this month, but I didn't remember exactly when, and I don't know where my appointment card is. I even wrote it on my calendar to help me remember. I just hadn't been marking off days on it or anything. So I totally didn't even know what day it was yesterday to even know I had an appointment today. Dummy.

I did a lot of cleaning yesterday. I did clean the bathtub and it took forever. I cleaned the sink and counters and the toilet. Then I did tons of laundry. It took all day, actually. I knew it would be bad. Somewhere in there I did find time to eat and do some reading. I got to the Febreezed book and tried not to hold it too close to my face. Then I'd smell my hands afterwards to make sure I didn't get any of it in my eyes. That would be awful. So far it doesn't seem to transfer very well, so I hope I'm safe reading it. The next thing would be to see if the book is even worth the trouble. So far the jury's still out. I may end up going to the library again this Saturday. There was already another one that I started to read, but didn't like. So, maybe I'm going through them too quickly, but I saw a couple of others I wanted to read when I was there last. Maybe they'd still be there.

Anyway, I guess I'd better get going. Maybe I'll go to Bucky's (Starbucks) after all today just to be out of the house. I already had to put makeup on and everything, so it seems silly to do that and then only go to a 15 minute doctor appointment. We'll see. I'm sure a passion tea lemonade would be tasty.

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