Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sicky : (

Felt like crap yesterday. Really, I thought I was getting a cold. Mostly, I was nauseous. All I had to eat was bad stuff (stuff I probably shouldn't have bought in the first place), so I ended up eating something I shouldn't have. Yucky. I didn't feel good after that. Actually, I was feeling bad the day before, too. Anyway, so all day I felt like I was trying not to hurl. It just gave me flashbacks of the stomach flu. Like I want to relive that nightmare. Then, last night, I lost my battle and ended up hurling, plus I got a fever. Oh no. I just did not want to be sick. Please don't let me get sick!

This morning I felt better, although I wasn't terribly hungry. I was tired, but that was about it. Bucky had a bathroom emergency and woke me up, but it was dark out, so I thought it was really early. Turns out it was just extra cloudy. Oh well. So, I didn't really get any more sleep. Finished all my library books, though, so I wanted to do that today. Dad wanted Tex-Mex. Not my first choice after last night, but I figured I could find something on the menu that wasn't too greasy or spicy. Sure enough, I did. It was really tasty, too. Then, Dad and I went to the library. Nothing exciting, but I found about 4 books I wanted to read. One of them smelled like smoke really bad, so I sprayed it with Febreeze when I got home. Hope that helps, although now I'm waiting for it to dry out. Usually I just suffer the smell and take lots of Benadryl, but I'm hoping I can avoid it this time. Anyway, then we went to Walmart and got a few things, but it was so crowded we didn't really look around. Dad was in a foul mood, but I think it's just because it was so crowded in there that he couldn't relax. He doesn't like lots of people around.

At Starbucks I got a passion tea lemonade, hoping that would be easier on my stomach than coffee. It tasted good, too. Dad got his usual grande decaf, which was Sumatra today. He said he liked it, but I wasn't so sure he'd like it because it's so strong. Luckily he did. Drank it pretty fast, too. After that, we decided to see if they had an espresso machine at Big Lots. They didn't, but they did have all this stuff from Pier 1, for some reason. Most of it was outdoor furniture, which I wouldn't need, and it was only 25% off of Pier 1's price. Really, at Big Lots I'd expect a bigger discount, but that doesn't always happen. Sometimes they can be a bit high, which seems weird. Anyway, they didn't have an espresso machine. : (

After that, we just went to HEB, and Dad had to use the restroom, so I took that opportunity to look at the make-up. I never get to do that, just browse make-up. So, I was looking, thinking I'd see if I could find some eyeshadow since the one I have is almost gone. I saw some I liked and I was debating whether to ask Dad if I could get it, then my eye was drawn to those yellow store coupons hanging all over the aisle. It was $3 off! Not $1, but $3! Well, my next thought is that it's only off certain things and not off the one I want to buy, but it wasn't. It was ALL Revlon cosmetics, no matter the price. Kick-ass!! So, I got the eyeshadow for under $2! It's a quad, too. Awesome. HEB rocks! Didn't need that many groceries, either. Still had stuff from last week. Certainly didn't need any bread. I wanted some produce, mainly fruit. They had a special on grapes, but I saw that they had cherries, and I wanted some. But OH MY GOODNESS, they were $10 a pound! $10! Hell no. When are cherries in season, because I want some and it just seems like they're always expensive. Is there ever a time when they're only $2 a pound or something?

Anyway, it was good to get home and see Bucky and to spray the book with Febreeze. I didn't like my car smelling like smoke with that book in there. Yuck. If only smokers couldn't check out books. It used to suck when I worked at Blockbuster and the smokers would return their movies. Oh my goodness the stink in that drop box! My eyes were always watering and my sinuses hurt. Yuck. If you're a smoker out there, I'm sorry. I don't have a problem with you personally, it's just that tobacco aggravates my allergies. It's not you, it's me. Really.

Hope everyone is well. Take care.


me said...

Hope you are feeling better. Can I ask what bipolar meds you are on?

CJ said...

Trileptal, Zoloft, and Geodon. Trileptal is the mood stabilizer, the Zoloft is for anxiety and to control depression, and the Geodon is for hallucinations, delusions, and to help me think more clearly. I had trouble when I first went on the Trileptal with concentrating and the Geodon helps a LOT.

Feeling vaguely better, but still extra tired this morning. But I'm not nauseous, so it's an improvement. : )

me said...

I'm familiar with Trileptal as my bipolar daughter takes that as well. Do you feel its helping stabilize your moods? She has been on it for a year now I guess and still has her moments but overall it seems to be working.

Thats good you are feeling better! enjoy the spurs game :)


CJ said...

Trileptal works well, but in combination with the other meds. Plus, everyone is different and what works for me might not work for someone else. It does stabilize my moods, though, and I'm much more mellow and relaxed than I was before. It was amazing how angry and afraid I was before. I didn't even realize it. So, really, for me, it was a dramatic change. Hope you find out what works for you as well.

Yea, go Spurs go!!! 1 win down, 3 more to go this series!