Sunday, April 29, 2007

Never, ever, ever...

Put tap water, even purified water, into a coffee machine! NEVER! I tried to de-lime the espresso machine. It took all day. Not only did I waste several hours, but the thing still didn't work! I swear, it will be distilled water from now on. I'm just glad it was a cheap espresso machine and not one of those fancy Italian numbers for $800 or something. I was so upset. I wasted some coffee grounds, too. Some yummy Verona from Starbucks. I had the fat-free half-and-half poured out to be steamed. It would have been fantastic. Damnit!!!

So, I guess I have to get another one sometime. It shouldn't be too horribly expensive to replace the one I had. It wasn't expensive to begin with. I wish I could afford a better machine, but I'm po'. Should be a couple of weeks, probably. Oh well.

Can't wait to see when Crowded House are coming. I know they've got some festival dates, but not really a tour set up yet. Hopefully soon. I would really, really, really like to go. I can't imagine they wouldn't play, at least, Austin. Hurry!

I guess I don't have anything to blog about, just my coffee escapade. Can't imagine that even if my machine had worked that the coffee would have tasted that good with all the lime in it. Yuck. Maybe it's good that I didn't get any coffee out of it. : (

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