Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It started with an oil change...

Just about time for it. Almost exactly on the nose. So, I took my car to Walmart, thinking the rush would be over after the morning. Nope. So, I'm in a long line and it takes forever for the guy to realize there's a new car there to take my information. But when he does, he tells me it will be an hour. I'm pretty sure it will take the full hour, too, plus a little more. That was at about 11:30 or so. Oh well. At least I brought a book. It was the book I was going to read at Starbucks later, but I didn't think I'd finish it while waiting. I did get through quite a bit of it, though. Still, I was there about an hour. Maybe a little longer. After that, I went to the library. That didn't take forever, but a little longer than I meant for it to. I was looking for a specific book and couldn't find it. It was probably checked out because I'd seen it there before and it wasn't there this time. Oh well. I still managed to find 3 that I wanted to read.

Then, it was Starbucks. I was getting a migraine, so I wanted something liquid, as opposed to a thick Frappuccino. I got a passion tea lemonade and asked Damon if they were going to get the coconut syrup for summer, but he said it wasn't coming for phase 1 and he didn't know about later. But he also said he had a little syrup left over from the year before. So, I was thinking, well I'll get a mocha coconut Frappuccino this Saturday with Dad. Then, I sat down to read and finished my drink, but wasn't that far from the end of the book, so I stayed a while longer, reading and almost finished the book. Then, I hear this "Hey, Baby!" and I really knew he wasn't talking to me but to someone else in the store, but he was right next to me, so I looked up briefly, only to see Dad standing there smiling at me. Surprise! Cool, and he'd just finished a call and could stay a while. I got another drink and Dad got a Frappuccino, too. It didn't seem like we were there that long, but Dad kept asking me if I was usually there that long. Well, my phone died this morning and I forgot to charge it, so I didn't have it with me. I also don't have a watch with a battery. I was like, yeah, sometimes I stay a while. Usually thinking about an hour to read or so. Not a terribly long time. So we talked for a few minutes and I'm thinking Dad needs to get back to work soon, but maybe he's off for lunch or something. No. It was 5:00! Wow. I had no clue it was that late. I didn't think I'd been there that long.

Dad thought I needed to get home because I hadn't eaten lunch. I wasn't terribly hungry, but knew I needed to eat anyway. So, we both said goodbye and I went home. Traffic wasn't horrible for it being rush hour, and I got home around 5:30. Dinner at about 6:00 or so. The game started around then (Game 2 of the Spurs-Nuggets series). So I watched that with Mom. Also did a load of laundry. Nothing exciting, although the Spurs managed to pull off a win. We're still pissed that they let a 17-point lead get away from them, though. Walked the dog, regular wash my face, etc. stuff. Overall, a long day. I bought some coffee beans at Starbucks, too, so I can make some espresso tomorrow. Woohoo! Too tired tonight. Wish I had some more exciting stuff to write about, but, hey. This is me we're talking about. So, now I'm thinking I'll turn the computer off for the night and get back to the job hunt tomorrow. I don't plan on going anywhere, but you never know. Stuff happens. Hope everyone out there is doing well. Keep in touch. : )

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