Monday, April 23, 2007

Party Pooper

I'll admit. I've never been "hip" or "cool" or any of those things. I never liked parties. I never liked going to bars. I'd much rather hang out at Starbucks than a bar, really. But this week is Fiesta here in San Antonio. I just feel like I should be as excited as everyone else. But no. I'm really more annoyed than anything else. Traffic is horrible everywhere. There are so many tourists going around and none of them have any clue where they're going. They like to drive 40 mph down a 70 mph highway, looking for the right exit. And, there's so much traffic in the other lane that I can't go around. Really, if I weren't trying to make it on time to a job interview I wouldn't care. Meeting new people can be cool and it's nice that my city is pretty and lots of people think we're nice and friendly, etc. Great. But the increase of tourists means the possible increase of stupid tourists. The ones who think they can get a hotel room for $30 a night even during our most popular travel dates. During Fiesta, you probably can't even get a room at Motel 6 for under $100 a night. Really, you're lucky to get a room at all. They will book up. All of them. Maybe even out to San Marcos, Fredericksburg, etc. Then, they get to Fiesta and they're pissed that they have to pay $10 to park, the food is overpriced and you have to pay for that even after admission to an event. And then, it's hot out (and humid this week), all the bugs are coming out, there's going to be those drunk idiots all over the place, parades blocking traffic...really, need I go on? And really, I don't understand the appeal of parades. To me, they're pretty dull. One float looks just like another, in my opinion. There's only so much they can do, after all. It's just a float. And I don't want to go hang out with a big crowd of people watching so-so bands play while I get beer spilled in my hair. They will probably be smoking, too, because everything's outdoors. Yuck. And I'll have to swat flies away while I eat, and I doubt the food is any better than I could get in a nice comfortable restaurant. Really, Fiesta doesn't sound fun to me and I don't see the point. Everyone says it's fun and I should go sometime. Maybe it would be better after I got there, but it's hard to sell it on me. Someone would have to tell me what's supposed to be fun about it. I just think there are other attractions in San Antonio that are better than a weeklong party. Maybe I'm pretty lame. Well, probably I'm pretty lame. My idea of fun is obviously different than a lot of other people's.

Another thing going on right now is the wildflowers in bloom. At least that, I can appreciate. They're pretty. There are some bluebonnets, although not as many as I expected. They're kind-of going away now. Most of them are these yellow ones that I don't know the name of. They look kind-of like daisies, but yellow with brown centers. Really, all you see is a sea of yellow. Then, there are these pretty deep, red-violet ones. Usually I don't see that many of them, but there are more than usual this year. There are a lot of lavender ones, too. Again, I'm probably not the person to ask about this because I don't know the names of any of them. I wish I did.

Today, I went to SAC in the morning because I got an e-mail that Disney was recruiting interns, and not only for California, but they said they had positions nationwide and they owned a lot of companies, so it wasn't just animation, either. That would be cool if I knew how to do it, though. Then, I had my interview at a third temp agency. I had a hard time figuring out the parking because everything said tenant parking and I didn't think I counted as a tenant. I don't actually work there or anything. So, I finally found visitor parking and I went inside. The agency's office was right near the entrance. I went in and the first thing they did was make me watch an "orientation video". WTF?!! I hadn't had to watch a stupid video at the other temp agencies. I tried not to let them know how stupid I thought it was, though. I just watched the dumb thing, and it was pretty dumb. It was tips on how to dress appropriately for an interview, workplace safety (use a wrist support when typing--that kind of thing), and basically to call them about every little thing that comes up with the employer. They somehow managed to drag it out into a 16-minute presentation that was obviously done back in the '80s. The interview itself was pretty short, then they had me do some testing. This time, I did it in their office, so the keyboard was this ancient thing like a typewriter keyboard and not like a modern computer keyboard where the keys are quiet and flat and close together. So, I don't know how I fared with their equipment, but I can hope I did okay.

Then, I get home, and what has Mom done? She bought a French lemon pie at HEB! Oh no. I've got to eat some of it. I don't want it to spoil and I know she won't eat it all. It just seems like she's whipping out all the desserts that she knows I can't resist right now. She should know I want to lose weight. I haven't been keeping it a secret. But those pies are expensive and I feel obligated. I also don't want her to feel bad. She wouldn't ever say anything. She's not like my Grandma that way. But I'm afraid of what she would think. She does get her feelings hurt after all. She's a human being. At least dinner was just rotisserie chicken and peas. Nothing fattening. I'll see how small a sliver I can cut later to at least show her I like the pie. I don't know what to do about tomorrow. Maybe another tiny sliver, then I'll feel like my obligations are done. Why can't she find something healthy? I'll have to come up with some suggestions maybe. Surely there are some good recipes I could at least alter or something to make them lighter.

Anyway, I guess I'd better get going. I'm only rambling today anyway. Same as always.


Bipolar Housewife said...

Yeah, I'm sure you'll really hate eating that pie! Please, girl! It's not like everyone else is to blame but YOU for eating that pie!

Anyway, glad you got some interviews--good luck! I hope you find something you will like, or will at least lead to something you will like.

Gonna go watch 24, so, I'll talk to you later!


CJ said...

Yeah, it's not exactly "hard" to eat the pie. I just feel guilty. Guilty if I do, guilty if I don't. I've only had a tiny piece so far. Hopefully Mom will eat most of it, though. Maybe I should get some SnackWells or something.