Friday, April 13, 2007

New Test Results!

Well, my last attempt at the Excel test didn't go so well. I remembered everything except the formulas--sort-of a big part of Excel. I meant to call back earlier this week to retake the test, but kept forgetting. So I called today to ask for the tutorial and she said she was sorry but she'd forgotten to send that last time. So, I took the tutorial and then retook the test--I got a perfect score! Woohoo! Now, if only I could retake all the other tests I took already. Maybe I'll try, but we'll see how they rate my scores first, I guess. I don't remember what they were like. I just remembered the Excel test because it was so bad. The Photoshop test didn't go so well, but the questions were all about print production and not really about how to use the software. I was pissed about that, to tell the truth. Maybe I'll check to see if I can retake that one, too. I don't know.

I had a dream about my rabbit Riga last night. I was just falling asleep and I thought I wasn't fully asleep, but I was in this room that was only vaguely familiar. I heard this sound that sounded like the rabbits when they drank out of the water bottle. Then, I realized there was this dark shape by the door that looked like my rabbit (she was black). I called out, "Riga?". She had been cleaning her face and she abruptly stopped and came running over to me. I nearly cried with joy and hugged her and I said, "I miss you". Then, since this was a dream, she whispered in my ear, "Me, too". And I thought that if she was here, maybe my other rabbit was, too. So I asked her, "Where's Khufu?" and she went into this other room. I followed her. It was dim, so I didn't really see where she was heading, but then I woke up. I fell asleep again almost instantly, and I was in the same room I'd been in before. I called out for Riga, hoping she'd still be there, and she was. She came running over to me and gave me a little bunny kiss and I hugged her again, not wanting to let her go. But the dream changed after that. I remember hugging her and feeling her go away and trying to control the dream and keep myself there, but I couldn't.

Later in the dream, there was this dog, that looked like an apricot poodle. But further in the dream, he started looking more and more red, like my Qui-Qui. Then, there was this other dog later, that joined us that was black like my Ebony from years ago. I just must have really been missing my pets before I went to sleep or something. I thought I was thinking about something else, though. I could have sworn I was worrying about my job hunt or money or something. That seems to be what I'm usually thinking about. Ugh.

Well, I need to eat dinner. All I had was breakfast (a late breakfast, but breakfast still). Don't know what I'm gonna end up eating, but I have to look. I may just go with a Slim-Fast shake, though. I'm not terribly hungry today. I saw this tea that they have at Starbucks now. It's Berry Blossom White. I want to try it so much. I'll have to get it sometime. That's what sounds good to me right now and I don't even care much for tea over all. I like the stuff at Starbucks, though. Maybe I just like everything from Starbucks. They're just awesome. : )

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