Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Weird job interview

Well, it wasn't necessarily the interview itself. First off, I was getting ready for the interview and while I was about to leave the apartment, I got a call on my cell phone. I thought it was the temp agency calling me back about something, but it wasn't. It was a whole different temp agency. They wanted to interview me about a similar position that I was already interviewing for. They'd seen my resume on Monster. So, okay, they asked if I could go after my other interview. Sure.

So, I go to the first interview (the one off the busy construction-y highway) and that one went well. I forget the name of the company I'd be working for, but it was something like ECI. They manufacture airplane engine parts. Woohoo. Sounds exciting. Anyway, the job didn't specify that I needed to know anything about that (which is good, because I don't), they only wanted to be sure I knew Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop. So they wanted me to do some testing to see how well I knew the software. Good sign. That was Talent Tree staffing.

Then, I went to the second interview. It was closer to home than the other one, although still in a hard to get to place. Well, it wasn't hard to get to it, just hard to get back home from there since I couldn't get back on the highway from there. Anyway, she starts interviewing me for the job, and it starts out really well. She loved my adorable suit.

My face looks really creepy in the photo, but I hope you can see the suit. The fabric is kind-of sparkly and it has shiny, jewely buttons. Then, she started telling me about the job, and it was for ECI, the same job I'd just interviewed for! Weird. She said that happens sometimes, that the companies don't pay anything for their services until the right candidate is found, so they can have multiple temp agencies out there doing work for them that don't get paid anything. Anyway, it seems I'm a good candidate for this job in that two agencies wanted to interview me for it. I still have to do skills assessment tests there, too, but hey. I need a job. Obviously my preference was to work at the magazine because I liked their work and that's what I want to do, but surely any graphic design experience is good, too.

So, anyway, that was my day. I'm debating a trip to Starbucks right now. It might be a good way to celebrate. It's cloudy and didn't rain on me, though. So, I could have worn my adorable sandals after all. Oh well. Better safe than sorry. Don't want to ruin the sandals, you know? R (twin sis now living in Fort Worth) isn't feeling well. That doesn't make me feel too good either. I can't help but worry about her since I don't see her all the time anymore. I wish we could hang out. My friend H is always busy. Don't get to hang out with her much either. : (

Well, maybe I can take my dog to Starbucks with me. I feel like a Frappuccino for some reason. Well, I'm not icy and fluffy, but I want something icy and fluffy. Get it. Anyway. Take care peoples. : )


Bipolar Housewife said...

Really f**king cute outfit!



Bipolar Housewife said...

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Bipolar Housewife said...


Bipolar Housewife said...

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CJ said...

Thanks R. Hi little E! I recognize your typing anywhere. : )