Monday, April 9, 2007

Job Fair

It wasn't much. Really, I expected more. I'm sort-of disappointed. There were supposed to be more employers there, I thought. But when I went in, there were only a few there. There were also supposed to be several industries represented, including advertising. Not so. The military was there. There were also insurance companies there and telemarketing firms. That's it. Again, I was disappointed. Well, at least I tried. I keep applying for jobs. I don't know if I'll get one anytime soon, but I hope so.

Saturday was good even though it was raining. It was also cold! Weird. It had been cooler for a couple of days, which was nice, but it was actually cold on Saturday. It's cool today, too. I think it was supposed to rain, but it didn't, at least not yet. It rained a lot on Saturday, though. The bluebonnets are out, as well as other wildflowers. The grass has turned somewhat green, too. Of course, it won't stay green, but it's nice right now.

I'm supposed to hang out with H on Wednesday. Hopefully we'll get to have some fun. She wants to go to this bead store and maybe to the McNay art museum. Should be cool since I haven't been there in a while. And, of course, we'll go to Starbucks. : ) I'm looking forward to it already.

Well, tonight is 24. Tomorrow night is another episode of The Shield. Those are probably my 2 favorite TV shows, although I like Prison Break, too. I wouldn't call myself a TV addict or anything. I've been trying to cut down on the amount of TV I watch, but I get hooked on Star Trek and CSI. I should also be reading. I have to go to the library next week and I haven't finished my books. Maybe I'll recheck them so I can take my time.

Some good news is that we got a new printer. Don't know what was wrong with the old one. It said it was out of ink, but I know it wasn't. Even the computer said it had plenty of ink and it was too new to have dried out. I ran a few cleaning cycles and everything, but to no avail. Nothing would print at all. So, the new one is an all-in-one machine, so I can copy, scan and fax again! Woohoo! I'm so happy I don't know what to do with myself. I want to scan and copy like crazy. Maybe I'll post some more pictures or something. I just can't reach my photo albums because they're on the top shelf. I have a stool, but it's not tall enough. I'll have to borrow one.

Anyway, I'll close for now. I've got to read or something to keep myself busy. It sucks being unemployed. : (

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