Friday, April 20, 2007

Metallic Water

Perhaps I made a boo-boo in selecting a dog bowl set from the dollar section at Target. I thought it was a good deal. You get two bowls and they were both small enough for my dog. He was eating out of a hamster dish before. So, these were the right size, but they were made out of some metallic substance that must flavor the water. He won't drink out of it. He'll go in to Mom's room and drink Snoop's water. If he can't get in there, he won't drink water for a while and will go in there later, dying like he's hiked across the desert. I didn't want to toss out a perfectly good bowl, and sometimes he'd drink out of it at night, when I close my door. But, really I feel bad for the little thing. Poor puppy. If he hates it that much, I should just see if I can find another one that he'd like. He will eat the food out of the bowl. It just seems to be the water that tastes nasty. So, I have to see if I can get a dog bowl set for less than $10. Maybe I can get some dessert dishes at Ross or something.

I did find out why it's nearly impossible to get an unedited version of a Shakespeare play, though. Duh. I should have thought of this before. But, he didn't publish many of his plays while he was living, and the ones that he did publish, it's questionable as to his involvement. They may have been published by actors who performed the plays and tried to remember the dialog, or by patrons who went to the performances and took notes and later tried to fill in the dialog. This is because later editions showed versions that were sometimes drastically different than the ones printed earlier. Supposedly the ones printed later were done from Shakespeare's own manuscripts, although this is also questionable for some of the plays. So, publishers now trying to release his plays have to try to piece together from the different versions out there, what parts were most likely written by Shakespeare. Complicated. Surely, I wouldn't want that job, although the research might be fun. I just think it would take forever and I'd never be satisfied as to the outcome. I'd always have questions that would nag at me forever.

I am trying sometimes to diet. It's hard. Really, especially when I cook, I don't always know the nutritional value of what I make. It's hard to say, this is an okay dinner and that's too fattening. I mean, I try to make healthy choices, you know, like not frying food, cutting down on sugar, etc. But sometimes, even doing that there are questions. How much is a serving? Is flour bad, and how much is okay? How can I make tuna casserole without all the carbs of regular pasta? Is whole wheat pasta better, or does it taste so crappy that I won't eat it? You know, like eating healthy while still maintaining taste that I like and getting enough to eat. So, right now I'm hungry and I don't know if I should go in there and make an early dinner and just eat light later, or go ahead and try for a light lunch and hope I'm not starving at dinner and wanting to overeat. I have some fruit for a snack, but I don't know if that'll do it. I wish I had some cherries. They were something like $5 for a small package last time I looked. So, usually I don't even look. They're always expensive. But they're good to munch on. There probably aren't any cherries out right now and it's pointless to look anyway, but I want some.

Well, I do have another job interview. It's at another temp agency. Nothing special. I didn't see a job posting for them, but they usually have a lot of jobs and maybe they can find something for me. That would be good. Hopefully between all the temp agencies, someone will find me a job. Please. Interview is Monday, I'll let you know how it goes, although I doubt I'll be leaving there with a job that soon. Hopefully soon though. I just want something, although getting a foot in the door as a graphic designer would be great. I doubt that will happen right off, but I can hope. The job with the aircraft engine parts place was filled already. They said my other test scores were good, but I'm worried about them anyway. How can I not? It might determine whether someone hires me or not. Aaaaaahhhh!

Oh well. I'd better go or I'll never get out of the house. Bucky's thirst should drive me out. I just didn't feel like taking a shower, drying and styling my hair, dealing with the mess that is my make-up job, etc. I must be a bad doggie mom. But, I'm also broke, and that's part of it. Sigh...

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