Thursday, April 12, 2007


Hung out with H. First, she had to go to the library. I didn't need anything, but looked at the CDs and movies. But there were some screaming kids that drove me away. I just tried to help H find this other book that I'd read that she wanted to read, but I couldn't find it. Oh well. She still found a couple of books.

Then, we went to Starbucks. I got an iced caramel macchiato and H got a toffee nut Frappuccino. We stayed there for a while and chatted. Not a horribly long time, though, because we wanted to get to Nomadic Notions, this really cool bead store down in Alamo Heights. I think I made a bad choice as to the route to take. I thought it would be relatively quick on Loop 410 because I hadn't hit traffic on any of my most recent trips down there, but we hit really bad traffic and it took forever to get to Broadway. I couldn't remember how far down Broadway the store was, so I drove all the way down. The speed limit is pretty low, so it took a while. Then, we got to the store, which is small, but it's packed with stuff. It's a neat store, and they're always burning incense, so it smells good in there. H found a few things and had a hard time deciding. I found these cloisonne pendants that I fell in love with. I couldn't decide which one I wanted, but they took the basket out for me and I looked at all of them and picked one. It's a fairly big pendant, about the same size as the Mary Kennedy glass one I got in Hawai'i. I thought about putting it on a chain, but they suggested a cord, which I think works better. H was getting hungry, but still couldn't decide. Finally she decided on these two beads that she'd fallen in love with first off.

At first, we thought of getting something to eat nearby, but we realized we wouldn't have time to go to the McNay anyway (it's near the bead store). So we went back to our neighborhood and got Taco Cabana since H had a gift certificate there. We wanted to do some shopping after and went to Ross, where H and I always find stuff. This time H found a vase that she wanted for her apartment, but it was $12 and she wasn't sure about spending that much. I wanted some shoes, but they didn't have anything in my size. Oh well. After that it was Half-Price Books. I wanted a cookbook since all of our cookbooks are missing. The box they were in when we moved hasn't turned up, not that there are that many places it could hide. It's either here or it's not. M looked at the house and it's not there either. Some of her stuff is missing, too. Weird. But one of the cookbooks we had was my great grandmother's so that one's irreplaceable. Sucks. But we have to have a Better Homes and Gardens one. Really, who doesn't have the red checked thing. So I got another one and saw one of French food that I wanted, too, but it was somewhat expensive for a used cookbook and didn't have that many recipes compared to the BH&G one. Maybe I'll get it another time, even if just for the desserts. A lot of stuff looked good in there.

I talked to R and she said they didn't find anything in the most recent test she had done. Of course, that just makes the pain in her side that much more puzzling. So far, nothing explains it. What else could it be, ya know? I didn't get to talk to her very much because she sounded so tired from the anesthesia. Then today, I couldn't reach her at all and only got the machine. I just hope everything's okay. I'm a worry wart, I guess.

Today, I just went to Walmart for some cord to put my pendant on. I thought I had some, but now I think R must have it. So, I got some more. Then, I went to Starbucks again to read since the dogs wouldn't stop barking at home. I got a passion tea lemonade. Very tasty. By the time I got home, though Mom was home and I just ate dinner. Nothing much. We haven't cooked in a few days and I'm ready for real food rather than frozen food. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, I know my life is dull that I have to talk about shopping, but hey. As soon as I have some more interesting stuff to post, I will. I would be thrilled. Can't wait to be employed, too.

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